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Let’s talk about something really quick.

I hear this often and I always have the same answer for it, but this post shows it better than I could explain. I had the great pleasure of shooting with Jacqie Q, who I have a ton of fun with, and when looking through my shots I realize something.

My couples are always awesome, but sometimes admit they hate getting photos taken – they hate being “posed”. Why wouldn’t you?! It feels so awkward. Believe me, it’s why I’m usually on this side of the camera. But I always tell folks – and my past clients/friends can tell you, too – you don’t have to be posed.

There are beautiful photographs that are styled, posed, setup and shot. And they are gorgeous. But my favorites are always the photographs that make me smile, without me even realizing I’m doing it. They wake something up in me and make me feel something.

So I give my friends this advice: Just BE. Be in love. Be happy. Be fun. Be TOGETHER and be yourselves, and the beautiful photographs will follow that you will have forever.





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