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About Shandi



*Now located in COLORADO SPRINGS! <3*

I love to take photos. Crazy, right? I’m a house plant hoarder. It’s getting out of hand. Also, I love love love to cook. And eat. But hate those dishes afterwards! I come up with crazy home improvement ideas that rarely get finished. I go on crochet binges. And Netflix binges. And baking binges.

I’m really, really open. And a hugger (sorry in advance). I love to learn and talk to new people. Everyone has a story and it just fascinates me.

I laugh more than I do anything else. I can find humor in literally anything, and I make super inappropriate jokes when I really shouldn’t. But most importantly, I can always laugh at myself, and I’m usually the first one to do it. My husband, Bryan, is my BFF. Seriously, I love that dude. He can always laugh at me, too.

We have an 9-year-old daughter who was born an old lady. She gives me the “look” when I get out of line.

We’ve got a boy too. He’s 5 and can destroy or build anything. ANY. THING.

I’ve got a little mutt dog named Jasper who is a total butthole. And a Shepherd named Maggie who wants to eat the mail lady everyday.

And finally, I’m so in love with weddings and the lives that get brought together. ┬áThe excitement, the nerves, the tears, the laughter, the love.. each one is different

and they are all a pretty awesome experience to be a part of.
























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